The Hunting Accident

by The Hunting Accident

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released February 10, 2011



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The Hunting Accident Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Hot Drum
It's a cold, nude world for the undecided
With them big, broad legs to finger tinily
I'm a red, red bulb on your underbelly
I'm a thin, white priest. Don't feed me anything

My blood approves it
Here in the way back
Constantly beating on a hot drum

He did Iron Sledge and he did Vibrating
I was halfway home to eating something old
She's a long, wet brick hanging from the belly
She's an ancient fish lurking in a pond
Track Name: Important
It's so important to be important
Just waiting for it, staring at this screen
For information ancient or obscene
Cause I just wanna be where the action is

So she befriends me in a frenzy
Instantly sends me pics of her inside
A diagram, a codex amplified, but I just wanna leave
Cause I know I'm gonna

Burn your building down tonight
And watch it crumble

I'm in the phone book, she said what's a phone book
the answer's on the answering machine
A yellow page enraged and building steam
cause he just wants to smell where the girl is at

They fit together when they sit together
I read it on the back of a shampoo
A catalog of everything we do is written in the leaves
And it says I'm gonna

burn your building down tonight
and watch it crumble

shame, shame on me

Track Name: Big Mistake
Go on, who needs you, you just stand there
Giving us the creeps
You hang out in your bedroom, ruminating
While your sister sleeps

Pull a Messina vibe, you make a big mistake
You can solidify if you concentrate

relax, who asked you, you just sit there
giving dirty looks
You hang out in the bathroom, masturbating
to your ancient books

behind the leering crowd it is a real shame
and if you seed a cloud you will not get rain

if she gets what she wants without an audience
it makes her sick inside